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Women's United Soccer League

United Soccer Leagues (USL) was founded in 1986 as the Southwest Indoor Soccer League (SISL). The league has grown from five original teams to 120 teams in 36 states and four provinces in Canada in 2001.

USL is affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), United States Amateur Soccer Association (USASA) and the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA).

USL rosters may consist of a maximum of 26 players, with 18 designated for the active game-day roster. Each team is permitted a maximum of five (5) foreign players on its active game-day roster and a maximum of seven (7) foreign players on its master roster. In the PDL and W-League, at least three players must be under 19, in accordance with guidelines set by the USASA and USSF. In the PDL, a maximum of eight (8) players may be over the age of 23. All rosters will be frozen two weeks prior to the end of the season, except for the A-League where the deadline is five weeks prior to the end of the regular season.

Point System:
The "4-1+1" system awards four points for a regulation or overtime victory. In the case of a tie, each team will be awarded one point. The bonus point comes into play when a team scores three or more goals in regulation or overtime, regardless of the result.

Game clock:

All games are comprised of 90 minutes (two 45-minute halves), with one 20-minute sudden-death overtime period (two 10-minute halves) in case of a tie after regulation time. The official time will be kept on the field by the referee, with stoppage time displayed by the fourth official. If the overtime period is scoreless, each team will be awarded one point and the game will end as a tie.


USL adheres to the Laws of the Game as dictated by FIFA, soccer's international governing body.


Five (5) substitutions are allowed per league game with no re-entry permitted. Seven (7) substitutions will be permitted for exhibition games with no re-entry permitted.

Standings tiebreakers:

Total Points will be used to adjudge the placement of teams in the league standings. In the event that teams are even on Total Points in the final standings, playoffs and/or finals, applying the following criteria, in order of importance, will identify the higher placed team(s):

United Soccer Leagues (USL) was founded in 1986 as the Southwest Indoor Soccer League (SISL). The league has grown from five original teams to 127 teams in 37 states and four provinces in Canada.

Standings determined by Total Points Tiebreakers:
  • Total wins in regular season games
  • Head-to-head record based on total points in regular season games.*
  • Head-to-head won / loss record in regular season games.*
  • Goal difference in regular season games
  • Goals scored in regular season games
  • Total points within conference (or division, if applicable).**
  • Ranking based on points earned against top four conference (or divisional, if applicable) finishers. This tiebreaker will not be used if four or less teams comprise the conference/division.**
  • Point percentage outside conference (or division, if applicable) in league games.***
  • Total points in all regular season and Open Cup Qualifying games combined. If number of games is unequal, then point percentage applies. (Applies to A-League & D3 Pro League only).
  • FIFA Fair Play - Team with fewest disciplinary points in regular season games. (If number of games is unequal, points will be divided by games played to arrive at a common basis for comparison)
  • Lottery conducted by USL at League office * Should any of the teams involved have played each other an UNEQUAL number of times, this tiebreaker does not apply. ** If number of games is unequal, then point percentage will be used. *** Point Percentage = number of total points earned / maximum possible points (5 per game)

    Each league in USL will have its own distinct set of playoffs that will determine the league champion. During postseason play, games tied after regulation will be followed by two 15-minute sudden-death overtime periods. If a playoff game remains tied after overtime, it will be decided by penalty kicks. Teams will alternate kicks from the penalty spot for five rounds. If still tied after five rounds, the teams will continue one round at a time until one-team scores and the other does not.

    Promotion / Relegation:
    The USL structure allows for the D3 Pro League champion to be promoted to the A-League, provided that the team to be promoted meets criteria set by USL and the USSF, and there is space available. The structure also allows the W-2 champion to be considered for promotion to W-1. A formal relegation process may also be added at a future date.